Dinámica empresarial

Una empresa de alta tecnología especializada en el desarrollo y producción de dispositivos médicos, centrándose en equipos orales

Runyes Exhibition Hall, Fresh Completion in March 2021.




Once you enter the hall,you will feel the grandeur of Runyes Exhibition Center: under the Starry ceiling, a big modern ceiling light illuminate the entire space and echo  with the product display cabinet directly below. On the leftside, the special designed dental unit display platform highlights the sense of technology and high-level; On the rightside, the company history wall, honor wall,iconic event display and the company culture wall are showing one by one; while the book bar in front of you,with the tranquility of new Chinese style decoration, invite you to taste a cup of Runyes coffee which you can only enjoy here, together with a good book,let’s carry out exquisiteness throughout the way.



The exhibition hall is divided into four series products displaying areas, including dental unit series,infection control series,imaging line series and digital series.It displays Runyes competitive products: dental units, autoclaves, air disinfector, x ray units and printers...etc, which offers digital chairside system and one-stop infection control equipments overall solution. The precipitated medals occupy a large area of the wall,which is the reward of Runyes hard working, as well as the motivation to not forget the original intention.



Dental imaging area, you will see our high frequency x ray unit standing in the middle, which is echoing with the wall mounted x ray units in the back side; Also symmetrical is the decorative pattern of water drops on the wall,that gives you a full sense of spatial perspective.



High-level dental unit displaying area,leads the trend and fashion concept of the clinic. The perfect match with American style dental chair and cabinets, makes the clinic more advanced and hierarchical.



Cultural and recreational area: it is the most relaxing corner of the entire exhibition hall. The company continuously pays attention to the cultivation of humanistic spirit on the way of development. The open up of this corner is also for easy communication and wanton discussion between colleagues. With the harp and book, with the tea and nice taste, it really offers a peaceful place after the busy and stressful work.



Runyes Coffee Bar

A highly anticipated corner, decorated with warm colors;

Dotted with orange light;

Use the curved bar countertops,without blunt feeling, sitting in groups without restraint;

Have a rest here by enjoying a cup of mellow and warm coffee.



Joint-ventures exhibition hall: it is the important witness of agglomeration, internationalization, industrialization of Runyes Group Dental Industrial Park. From here you can know the historic progress of Runyes Group industrialization,appreciate the care and support to Runyes Group from all walks of life,know the characteristics and advantages of dental implants and dental care products, and enjoy Runyes humanistic feelings. From here you can also communicate ideas with elites in the dental industry,and discuss plans with industry leaders in this beautiful harbor city of Ningbo.



Industrial Park displaying wall: it covers more than 20 years development and growth of Runyes dental industrial park,records product technology breakthrough, coporate culture and the results of media promotion of the whole industrial park. It also creates a whole-industry chain international dental industrial park that links the entire dental industry, dental culture and dental medical.



Training room

Transparent and bright, regular and orderly

The left side wall is made of the entire glass, which creates the spatial visualization.

With the movable partition wall in the middle, it can be also divided into two rooms, and can accommodate the professional training of different scales.