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AEEDC2021 Dubai Exhibition Successfully Concluded



The three-day AEEDC2021 Dubai exhibition closed successfully on 1st July , 2021. Thanks again to everyone for coming and visiting.

As a leader in the Chinese dental industry, Runyes Group participated in this event and showed the products including dental digital series, infection control sterilization series, dental imaging series, and dental unit series on the exhibition, as well as new products of medical disinfection washer and air&surface disinfector also appeared at the exhibition.



Runyes Group works towards its philosophy of “Creating by love, devoting to pursuing refinements, earnestness, warmth and true value" and offers a one-stop overall solution for dental equipments. 21 years of independent research and development and continuous exploration have enabled the company to occupy a world-leading position in the dental field. The launch of  Runyes intraoral scanner also lead the digital future of the dental industry. It has aroused high repercussions in the industry and played an irreplaceable role in orthodontics, implants, restoration, aesthetics and other fields. During the exhibition,it also attracted many visitors to come to the site to experience the scanner operation by themselves, and got high praise and recognition.



This AEEDC Dubai exhibition is the first international dental exhibition since 2020. Affected by the coronavirus, the number of exhibitors and visitors at this exhibition decreased slightly compared with previous periods. However, our company still attracts a large number of visitors with its leading influence in the industry, excellent technology and comprehensive strength, as well as the well-arranged booth and show up of digital dental technology.



The success of this exhibition has made Runyes brand penetrate into the heart of every customer, and has received wider attention and recognition from the friends in the industry. It cannot be done without the help of local dealer or the friends who fought on the front line during the coronavirus period.Thanks to every family member who have put in wisdom and sweat during the critical period of the oral revolution.




We are always focusing on dental and remain true to our original aspiration, looking forward to seeing you at the next exhibition!